Volunteering opportunities

Our volunteer fieldwork program is just getting started in our new geography. We try to connect intrepid, fit, and self-funded travelers with conservation fieldwork opportunities. Our partner scientists and conservationists are involved in raptor (eagles, owls, vulture) research in Kazakhstan. As we build our programs, other opportunities will become available in other parts of Eurasia.

A sampling of volunteer activities, all conducted under the close supervision of local wildlife scientists, park rangers, and experts may include:

  • surveying animals along monitoring routes
  • participating in population censuses
  • building nesting boxes and platforms
  • working with captive-bred birds
  • documenting wildlife activity, and
  • deploying and collecting data from camera/video traps.

Volunteers must be experienced in back-country travel, fit to hike and ride horseback, tolerate diverse weather and elevation changes, and purchase their own comprehensive travel and medical (with evacuation) insurance policies.