Our Partners

Eurasian Wildlife and Peoples is proud to partner with local community partners who:

Bring their unique expertise and experience to bear on our shared conservation and advocacy goals

Expand the network of individuals, communities, groups, and organizations dedicated to wildlife conservation in Eurasia and reversing detrimental habitat changes

Serve communities and Indigenous peoples’ efforts to protect traditional lands and preserve cultural practices and heritage

By combining resources and interdisciplinary, international expertise, we increase knowledge and uncover new insights about individual wildlife species, building expertise and NGO capacity to become sustainable in the long term. These collaborative and coordinated efforts strengthen our collective ability to safeguard biodiversity, especially for endangered, threatened, or otherwise pressured species.

Likewise, we seek to engage with community leaders and activists to promote the rights of Indigenous peoples and to protect their traditional lands, sacred spaces, and lifeways.

Are you working toward a similar goal? Do you know of an organization whose initiatives and projects align with ours? Eurasian Wildlife and Peoples is actively seeking additional partnerships across Eurasia.


Current Partners

Restores and preserves the biological diversity of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Key focus areas include baseline species-specific research (raptors and other endangered species) and mitigating raptor electrocution and linear infrastructure collisions. BRCC is part of larger alliances aimed at safeguarding raptor populations and developing solutions to mitigate threats to birds of prey. In addition to supporting baseline data collection and analysis and conservation recommendations for endangered raptor species in Kazakhstan, we offer mentorship to build additional research, community engagement, and conservation expertise.

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