International Pallas’s “Grumpy” Cat Day – April 23

Manul Wild Cat. Photo by unknown.

Every dog has its day, or so the expression goes, but so do cats! Arguably one of the lesser-known animal holidays (and one of several cat calendar observances) is International Pallas’s Cat Day, an educational and conservation-oriented holiday observed on April 23.  Read on to learn more about the holiday’s honoree and support Pallas’s cat preservation.

ABOUT THOSE FUZZY FELINES.  Also known as a “Manul Cat,” a name with roots in the Mongolian language, Pallas’s cats are characterized by their thick fur, big round ears, and grumpy expressions. Native to Central Asia, Pallas’s cats are elusive, hampering the calculation of accurate population counts.  Without more data, scientists struggle to know how this species is doing as a whole.

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HOW CAN YOU HELP THESE WILD CATS? To observe this cat’s holiday and to support long-term Pallas’s cat conservation efforts, we are raising funds toward our partner Manul Working Group (MWG) for their Adopt a Camera program.

With your financial support, camera/video traps will be installed in two Pallas’s Cat habitats—central Kazakhstan and Mongolia.  MWG will use this technology to expand data collection about the size and health of the Pallas’s Cat’s population, learn more about their behavior, and better understand the threats they face. The monitoring network in central Kazakhstan was first launched in October 2023 with the installation of 21 camera traps, but at least 30 more are needed there, as well as an additional 50 traps for use in Mongolia.

 $0-99 — Heartfelt thanks from EW&P and Manul Working Group - every gift is valuable, no matter the amount!

$100+ — Heartfelt thanks and receive selected images from an existing camera from MWG

$250+ — Above benefits and one wildlife camera package (worth $250, including memory cards and batteries). Receive selected photos from the whole network and all of the best images from your adopted camera from MWG. Acknowledgement in publications and on the MWG website.

$1250+ — Above benefits, plus camera naming rights and acknowledgement on MWG social media.

YES, I WANT TO HELP! Visit our donation page to donate by credit card or Paypal. Be sure to add a note/comment for “Manul Camera Traps”. We will forward all funds received to the Manul Working Group.

Your support can play a vital role in saving the Pallas’s Cat— cause for celebration not only on April 23, but every day of the year.