Every species counts on Endangered Species Day!

Przewalski's horse mare and foal on an arid landscape with mountains in the background

Earth is home to countless species and landscapes. Unfortunately, human activities destroying habitats and overheating the planet have pushed many species into decline, breaking fragile and complex relationships within entire ecosystems. Thousands of animal species are also in steep decline in Eurasia, from the Saker falcon to the Pallas’s cat. This growing damage to ecosystems…

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Przewalski’s Horse to return to Kazakh steppe

Herd of 14 Przewalski's horses galloping through snow toward the camera

Plans are underway to reintroduce Przewalski’s horse, a genetic descendent of the Botai horses domesticated in Kazakhstan some 5,500 years ago, to Kazakhstan’s central steppes, following a more than 100-year absence from the country. Per terms of the multi-stakeholder agreement between government and zoological entities in Kazakhstan, Czechia, Germany, and Hungary, the horses will be…

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Adopt a Camera for the Pallas’s “Grumpy” Cat

ABOUT THOSE FUZZY FELINES.  Also known as a “Manul Cat,” a name with roots in the Mongolian language, Pallas’s cats are characterized by their thick fur, big round ears, and grumpy expressions. Native to Central Asia, Pallas’s cats are elusive, hampering the calculation of accurate population counts.  Without more data, scientists struggle to know how…

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International Pallas’s “Grumpy” Cat Day – April 23

Every dog has its day, or so the expression goes, but so do cats! Arguably one of the lesser-known animal holidays (and one of several cat calendar observances) is International Pallas’s Cat Day, an educational and conservation-oriented holiday observed on April 23.  Read on to learn more about the holiday’s honoree and support Pallas’s cat…

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Experts in Samarkand, Uzbekistan warn migratory species in trouble

U.N. Report Paints Dire Picture for Migratory Species In February, together with Biodiversity Research on Conservation Center (BRCC) colleagues Director Jennifer Castner participated in the 14th Conference of the Parties to the Convention for the Conservation of Migratory Species (COP-CMS) held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan from 12-17 February 2024. Migratory species—mammals, birds, fish, and insects that…

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